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Friends and Romans (2015) - Michael Rispoli, Annabella Sciorra, Paul Ben-Victor

Friends and Romans (2015)
A group of lifelong mob movie extras mount a production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in their local Staten Island theater in order to finally get some speaking roles. But the theater is the secret hideout of a real-life gangster who fancies himself an actor, and whom the FBI are hunting for the recent murder of a Broadway producer. The Feds insert their own undercover agent to audition for the role of Cassius, seeking to determine who is the real gangster among a cast of make-believe criminals. All the while, the oblivious cast seek only to prove to themselves, their families, and friends that they are more than just extras.

Director: Christopher Kublan
Writers: Gregg Greenberg, Christopher Kublan
Stars: Michael Rispoli, Annabella Sciorra, Paul Ben-Victor

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