segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2015

La Entidad (2015) aka The Entity - Rodrigo Falla, Daniella Mendoza, Carlos Casella

La Entidad (2015) aka The Entity
A group of students decide to study 'reaction videos' and are led toward an old film, hidden in the archive room of a cemetery. It appears that everybody who has witnessed the film has met an untimely demise under suspicious circumstances. When the students view the footage, they discover first hand, what the demonic spirit is capable of. Fulfilling the ancient curse of a woman cruelly killed during the Spanish Inquisition. Written by whinger1979

Director: Eduardo Schuldt
Writers: Eduardo Schuldt (story), Sandro Ventura (screenplay)
Stars: Rodrigo Falla, Daniella Mendoza, Carlos Casella

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