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Serena (2014) - Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence

Serena (2014)
In Depression-era North Carolina, the future of George Pemberton's timber empire becomes complicated when it is learned that his wife, Serena, cannot bear children.

Director: Susanne Bier
Writers: Christopher Kyle (screenplay), Ron Rash (based on the book by)
Stars: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Sean Harris

quinta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2014

The Gambler (2015) - John Goodman, Mark Wahlberg

The Gambler (2015)
Crime | Drama | Thriller
A literature professor with a gambling problem runs afoul of gangsters.

Director: Rupert Wyatt
Writer: William Monahan
Stars: Jessica Lange, Mark Wahlberg, Brie Larson, John Goodman

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
Action | Adventure | Fantasy
When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth's Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for a global adventure.

Director: Joss Whedon
Writers: Joss Whedon, Stan Lee (comic book)
Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo

quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2014

Why Don't You Play in Hell? aka Jigoku de naze warui

Why Don't You Play in Hell? aka Jigoku de naze warui
Action | Comedy | Drama
A renegade film crew becomes embroiled with a yakuza clan feud.

Director: Shion Sono
Writer: Shion Sono (screenplay)
Stars: Jun Kunimura, Fumi Nikaidô, Shin'ichi Tsutsumi

Layover (2014) - Karl E. Landler, Nathalie Fay

Layover (2014)
Drama | Romance
Simone, a cynical, young Parisian on her way to Singapore to get married, is forced to spend the night in Los Angeles when her connecting flight is canceled. After contacting Juliette, an old friend with marital issues, the two head out for a night of fun with some of Juliette's friends. When Juliette leaves the club with a stranger, Simone finds herself alone, downtown with no ride. The arrival of a handsome and mysterious motorcyclist changes everything. With his help, Simone navigates her way through the Los Angeles night-life of after-parties, beautiful people and endless lights. Over the course of her adventure, Simone begins to question whether or not the life she is leading is the one she actually wants. Will she make her connection?

Director: Joshua Caldwell
Writers: Joshua Caldwell, Joshua Caldwell
Stars: Nathalie Fay, Karl E. Landler, Bella Dayne

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (2015) - Jeremy Irvine

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (2015)
Drama | Horror | Thriller
40 years after the first haunting at Eel Marsh House, a group of children evacuated from WWII London arrive, awakening the house's darkest inhabitant.

Director: Tom Harper
Writers: Jon Croker (screenplay), Jon Croker
Stars: Helen McCrory, Jeremy Irvine, Phoebe Fox

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Bad Turn Worse (2014) - Jeremy Allen White, Mackenzie Davis

Bad Turn Worse (2014)
Crime | Drama | Thriller
Three Texas teens hope to make a break for it and escape their dead-end existence in a cotton-mill town but get sucked into the seedy underbelly of organized crime when one of them steals from the wrong man.

Directors: Simon Hawkins, Zeke Hawkins
Writer: Dutch Southern
Stars: Jeremy Allen White, Logan Huffman, Mackenzie Davis

WolfCop (2014)

WolfCop (2014)
Comedy | Horror
It's not unusual for alcoholic cop Lou to black out and wake up in unfamiliar surroundings, but lately things have taken a turn for the strange...and hairy. WolfCop is the story of one cop's quest to become a better man. One transformation at a time.

Director: Lowell Dean
Writers: Bannister Bergen (story), Lowell Dean
Stars: Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry

By the Gun (2014) - Ben Barnes, Leighton Meester

By the Gun (2014)
Crime | Drama | Thriller
Nick Tortano is a smooth-talking, ambitious criminal from the streets of Boston. After years spent working for and idolizing the Italian gangsters he finally proves himself to the boss and becomes a made man. However, once inside, Nick conflicts with a moneymaker for the Mafia and begins to drive a wedge between him and Boss.

Director: James Mottern
Writer: Emilio Mauro
Stars: Leighton Meester, Toby Jones, Ben Barnes

Top Five (2014) - Chris Rock, Kevin Hart

Top Five (2014)
A comedian tries to make it as a serious actor when his reality-TV star fiancé talks him into broadcasting their wedding on her TV show.

Director: Chris Rock
Writer: Chris Rock
Stars: Chris Rock, Kevin Hart

quinta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2014

The Lookalike (2014) - Justin Long, John Corbett, Gillian Jacobs

The Lookalike (2014)
Crime | Drama | Thriller
Drug lord William Spinks has a curious obsession with Sadie Hill and uses family friends Bobby and Frank to get to her. But when Sadie's death jeopardizes a major deal, Bobby and Frank set out to find a replacement, a lookalike to fool Spinks. The shady plan propels an ex-basketball champion, a deaf beauty, an addict, and an aspiring actress into an unlikely romance and a desperate quest to start over.

Director: Richard Gray
Writer: Michele Davis-Gray
Stars: Justin Long, John Corbett, Gillian Jacobs

Dying of the Light (2014) - Nicolas Cage, Anton Yelchin

Dying of the Light (2014)
Drama | Thriller
Academy Award® winner* Nicolas Cage ignites a powder keg of action in this electrifying cloak-and-dagger thriller. Evan Lake (Cage), a veteran CIA agent, has been ordered to retire. But when his protégé (Anton Yelchin) uncovers evidence that Lake's nemesis, the terrorist Banir (Alexander Karim), has resurfaced, Lake goes rogue, embarking on a perilous, intercontinental mission to eliminate his sworn enemy.

Director: Paul Schrader
Writer: Paul Schrader (screenplay)
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Anton Yelchin, Alexander Karim

A Merry Friggin' Christmas (2014) - Joel McHale, Robin Williams

A Merry Friggin' Christmas (2014)
Boyd Mitchler and his family must spend Christmas with his estranged family of misfits. Upon realizing that he left all his son's gifts at home, he hits the road with his dad in an attempt to make the 8-hour round trip before sunrise.

Director: Tristram Shapeero
Writer: Michael Brown
Stars: Wendi McLendon-Covey, Lauren Graham, Joel McHale, Robin Williams

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Citizenfour (2014) - Edward Snowden Documentary

Citizenfour (2014)
A documentarian and a reporter travel to Hong Kong for the first of many meetings with Edward Snowden.

Director: Laura Poitras
Stars: Edward Snowden, Jacob Appelbaum, Julian Assange

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Sex Ed (2014) - Haley Joel Osment

Sex Ed (2014)
90 min  -  Comedy | Romance  -  7 November 2014 (USA)
Not yet released (voting begins after release)
Eddie lands his first teaching gig at an inner city middle school and finds his highly pubescent pupils are receiving no form of sexual education. Eddie isn't really equipped to teach them...he's not exactly experienced romantically.

Director: Isaac Feder
Writers: Bill Kennedy, Bill Kennedy
Stars: Haley Joel Osment, Laura Harring, Abby Elliott

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Focus (2015) - Will Smith, Rodrigo Santoro

Focus (2015)
Comedy | Crime | Romance
A veteran grifter takes a young, attractive woman under his wing, but things get complicated when they become romantically involved.

Directors: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
Writers: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
Stars: Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Rodrigo Santoro

Kite (2014) - Samuel L. Jackson, India Eisley

Kite (2014)
Action | Drama
Never Underestimate a Girl with Nothing to Lose. Based on the groundbreaking, cult classic anime, KITE tells the story of Sawa (India Eisley,"The Secret Life of the American Teenager," Underworld: Awakening), a young woman living in a corrupt society where crime and gangs terrorize the streets. When Sawa's mother and policeman father are found victims of a grisly double homicide, she begins a ruthless pursuit for the man who murdered them. With the help of her father's ex-partner, Karl Aker (Samuel L. Jackson, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Avengers, Django Unchained), and a mysterious friend from her past (Callan McAuliffe, The Great Gatsby, I Am Number Four), she becomes a merciless teen assassin, blasting her way through the dark world of human trafficking only to uncover a devastating truth.

Director: Ralph Ziman
Writers: Yasuomi Umetsu (based on the film by), Brian Cox (screenplay)
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, India Eisley, Callan McAuliffe

Stretch (2014) - Norman Reedus, Jessica Alba, Chris Pine, Ray Liotta

Stretch (2014)
Action | Comedy | Thriller
A hard-luck limo driver struggling to go straight and pay off a debt to his bookie takes on a job with a crazed passenger whose sought-after ledger implicates some seriously dangerous criminals.

Director: Joe Carnahan
Writers: Joe Carnahan (screenplay), Jerry Corley (story)
Stars: Norman Reedus, Jessica Alba, Chris Pine, Ray Liotta

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The Humbling (2014) - Al Pacino, Greta Gerwig

The Humbling (2014)
An aged and addled actor has his world turned upside down after he embarks upon an affair with a lesbian, in this acidulous adaptation of the Philip Roth novel.

Director: Barry Levinson
Writers: Buck Henry (screenplay), Philip Roth (novel), 1 more credit »
Stars: Al Pacino, Greta Gerwig, Kyra Sedgwick

Life Partners (2014) - Leighton Meester, Simone Bailly, Adam Brody

Life Partners (2014)
 95 min  -  Comedy | Romance  -  6 November 2014 (USA)
7,2 Your rating:   -/10   Ratings: 7,2/10 from 84 users
Reviews: write review | 7 critic
Two codependent best friends - one straight girl, one lesbian - and the man who comes between them.

Director: Susanna Fogel
Writers: Susanna Fogel, Joni Lefkowitz
Stars: Leighton Meester, Simone Bailly, Adam Brody

Before I Go to Sleep (2014) - Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong

Before I Go to Sleep (2014)
Mystery | Thriller
A woman wakes up every day, remembering nothing as a result of a traumatic accident in her past. One day, new terrifying truths emerge that force her to question everyone around her.

Director: Rowan Joffe
Writers: Rowan Joffe (screenplay), S.J. Watson (novel)
Stars: Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong

Meet the Mormons (2014)

Meet the Mormons (2014)
Meet the Mormons examines the very diverse lives of six devout members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Filmed on location and across the globe, Meet the Mormons takes viewers on a journey into the day-to-day realities of individuals living in the U.S., Costa Rica, Nepal and beyond. From their individual passions to their daily struggles, each story paints a picture as rich and unique as the next while challenging the stereotypes that surround the Mormon faith.

Director: Blair Treu

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The Mule (2014) - Hugo Weaving, Angus Sampson

The Mule (2014)
A first time drug mule is caught by law enforcement.

Directors: Tony Mahony, Angus Sampson
Writers: Jaime Browne (story), Angus Sampson, 1 more credit »
Stars: Hugo Weaving, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell

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American Sniper (2014) - Bradley Cooper, Clint Eastwood

American Sniper (2014)
Action | Biography
A Navy SEAL recounts his military career, which includes more than 150 confirmed kills.

Director: Clint Eastwood
Writers: Jason Dean Hall, Chris Kyle (book)
Stars: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Jake McDorman

Taken 3 (2015) - Liam Neeson

Taken 3 (2015)
Action | Crime | Thriller
Ex-government operative Bryan Mills finds his life is shattered when he's falsely accused of a murder that hits close to home. As he's pursued by a savvy police inspector, Mills employs his particular set of skills to track the real killer and exact his unique brand of justice.

Director: Olivier Megaton
Writers: Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen
Stars: Maggie Grace, Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen

Miss Meadows (2014) - Katie Holmes

Miss Meadows (2014)
Prim schoolteacher Miss Meadows (Katie Holmes) is not entirely what she appears. Well-mannered, sweet, and caring, yes, but underneath the candy-sweet exterior hides the soul of a vigilante, taking it upon herself to right the wrongs in this cruel world by whatever means necessary. Things get complicated, however, when Miss Meadows gets romantically entangled with the town sheriff (James Badge Dale) and her steadfast moral compass is thrown off, begging the question: "Who is the real Miss Meadows and what is she hiding?"

Director: Karen Leigh Hopkins
Writer: Karen Leigh Hopkins
Stars: Katie Holmes, James Badge Dale, Callan Mulvey

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The Water Diviner (2014) - Russell Crowe

The Water Diviner (2014)
Drama | War
An Australian man travels to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli to try and locate his three missing sons.

Director: Russell Crowe
Writers: Andrew Anastasios (screenplay), Andrew Knight (screenplay)
Stars: Olga Kurylenko, Jai Courtney,

Inherent Vice (2014) - Reese Witherspoon, Jena Malone, Joaquin Phoenix

Inherent Vice (2014)
Comedy | Crime | Drama
In 1970, drug-fueled Los Angeles detective Larry "Doc" Sportello investigates the disappearance of a former girlfriend.

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Writers: Paul Thomas Anderson (screenplay), Thomas Pynchon (novel)
Stars: Reese Witherspoon, Jena Malone, Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin, Owen Wilson, Owen Wilson